Friday, December 21, 2007

North Kerala Ecotour: A Tour to the God's Own Country!

Many travellers visited India and many have visited Cochin and Alleppey in south Kerala. But few have visited incredible North Kerala! The picturesque mountains and valleys in Wayanad with thick forest with wild animals like elephant, deer, tiger, etc. are very special treat to nature tourists!

North Kerala offers many tourist attractions and facilities, like Wild life visit to Wayanad, House Boat cruise in Backwaters of Kasaragod District, Historical places like Bekal Fort , secret beaches like Kapil and the famous Bekal beach, etc. There are about eight rivers flowing towards west in Kasaragod District.the backwater system in Valiaparamba is the most exciting one when one participate in a House Boat cruise on a sunny evening!

There are many ancient temples and churches ! The Ananthapuram Lake Temple in Kasaragod District is the oldest one, where one can really see a crocodile living for more than hundred years there, which eat only vegetarian food!

The river side with paddy fields stretched for miles and hilly tracts bordered to that are the mind catching sight in North Kerala! One sighs and agrees that, "really the God's own Country"!

To enjoy the real Kerala, stay in a beach side home arranged by SERI, and take an ayurvedic retreat for rejuvenating your stressed body and mind, due to the long months of busy work in your big cities! You could even stay in a homely atmosphere, as a Guest with a Keralite family, and eat the delicious food they cook, with shell fish, fresh water prawns or crabs, or with vegetables from organic farms in their own kitchen backyards!!!

When you are in Kerala you can not ask for more than what you have been given, that is, water falls, house boats, Theyyam (the traditional Temple Art form), Kathakali (the traditional art form), rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, long stretches of paddy fiels on the sea side and river side!!! Enjoy meaningful holidays in your God's Own Country!

Let us Tour to North Kerala. Visit:
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Balkrishna said...

I have travelleld to Wayanad and have visited many of the historical places and the wild life there was a great experience. it is wonderful to know somebody gives a homestay package to places like Wayanad. The traditional Ayurvedic treatments given there are the best, I would say. The Kerala Martial Art centre is a great institution, that preserve the great art for our personal defence and as well as for great power for mind control!! We would be participating in this tour sometime in near future!

Vishnu said...

What will be the package cost for a one week tour to North Kerala? I have been to many places in Kerala. But we want to explore the North Kerala. I have heard Malabar, the Nort Kerala, is the best place for Fish delicacies like Prawns fry, crab soup, etc!! It will be great to enjoy the house boats with Ayurvedic massage onbord, in pristine backwaters!! Do they offer, a package like that?

Vishnu said...

We would like to see wild elephants, is it possible anytime, in Wayanad? Also an Ayurvedic package in beachside in Kasaragod also would be great. I would like to stay in the river mouth near to the beach anywhere in Kasaragod. My friends have been stayed there and I have seen pics of the same!! Great time they had!!